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Sound Food Publishing, was started in 2002 by Jeannine Dowdell and Gwynn Palmer when they decided meet the public demand Gwynn was receiving for her tasty healthy recipes.  The first two books of a healthy eating series are now available.  We look forward to bringing you many more.  Gwynn Palmer and Jeannine Dowdell.

About the Author

Gwynn Palmer has been a nutrition junkie and cook for 39 years. She's been on every food journey there is on the road to good health. Her cookbooks are full of nutritious recipes that are compiled from that journey.

Some years ago, Gwynn Palmer was diagnosed with cancer. When she and her husband were told to give up their dream of having a child, she decided not to accept that sentence and instead set out on a journey to cure her cancer. After finding Dr. William Kelly's cancer program, Gwynn followed the program meticulously and changed everything — her diet, her habits, her lifestyle. After long adherence to the program, she found success and became cancer free. She then gave birth to her much-awaited son, Josiah. A few years later she entered the natural food restaurant business, which she continued with for 20 years. She later became a colon therapist and felt the desire to help others on the Kelly program, those fighting cancer, chronic illness and others just not feeling well.  Her patients were constantly asking for information on what they could eat.  This evolved into creating recipes that were palatable, easy-to-fix, and healthy for all to follow.


Years of investigation and research have gone into these recipes, which reflect a very diverse palate of philosophies and foods. Some things just hold true: organic whenever possible; omit dairy, wheat, and sugar; and avoid chemical additives and preservatives.

Now, as a colon therapist, Gwynn sees first hand the effect of poor eating habits on health and is anxious to deliver these well-rounded recipes into the hands of her patients and all those who want good health.

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